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"Sultry and Eccentric" highlights American composer James Grant's music with Celeste Shearer and Dena Kay Jones' passion in performing....

Summit Records is proud to present "Sultry and Eccentric."  Along with the title track, other works on the recording showcase the horn player of the Great American Trio, Celeste Shearer, along with her pianist, Dena Kay Jones.  Her husband James Shearer, tuba, also performs on select tracks.

A project that has been in production for quite some time now, this unique collection of music highlights the capabilities of the expressiveness heard within Shearer's extraordinary musical interpretation: paired with Jones, the two have worked to take Grant's compositional language to the highest level they can.  The wait is finally over!

You can find the CD at www.summitrecords.com/release/sultry-eccentric-the-music-of-james-grant-celeste-shearer-dena-k-jones

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